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"Without the rain, there would never be rainbows."
Flood Survival Kit Preparation
Flood Survival Kit Preparation
Image by Home Protect
Research shows 9% have not looked into protecting their home, believing it won’t happen to them.

Preparing a flood survival kit could make all the difference should the worst happen. Here are some essentials:

✓ Use water-tight containers with lockable lids to store important documents, such as your insurance policy schedule. It’s also recommended to keep digital copies that can always be accessed.
✓ Vacuum-packing warm blankets, waterproofs and a change of clothes can save space.
✓ Pack a first-aid kit with waterproof plasters. Remember any important medications you might need!
✓ Flood water is unsafe to drink so be sure to pack bottled water. You might also pack tinned or dry foods that are easy to open.
✓ Include a torch and a good supply of batteries, as well as a whistle.
✓ Emergency cash and passports are also well worth having at the ready.
Source: Home Protect